NTN registration in Pakistan

Hello Pakistan,

Today I am going to answer the most popular question among people who opt to file returns with Federal Board of Revenue.

Yes, I am talking about “The NTN registration in Pakistan”.

Here it begins:


Get the following documents and information.

  1. Cell no (Registered on the name of applicant)
  2. An e-mail address (operated by applicant)
  1. Copy of the paid Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 months)
  2. Ownership papers/Rent agreement
  3. Salary Certificate/Salary slip (Only for salaried person)


This is the process to create a userID and password for availing various electronic services offered by FBR.

Here is how you can enroll yourself.

  1. Visit the FBR’s website https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/infosys/public/txplogin.xhtml, on the main page you will see this screen:home-screen

2. Click on the link “Registration for Unregistered Person”.A box will open on the               main screen, shown in the picture below:


Fill all the necessary information in the given fields and click on the submit button.

3. Two different 6 digits codes will be sent on your given cell number and email.

4. Enter the codes in the related fields and submit again. Now your account will be created to sign in with your account, a password and a pin code will be sent you by SMS and email.


Once you successfully created the account, go to the main page of IRIS and enter your CNIC in registration field and the password you received in the password field. Now click on the login button to login. You will see a screen shown below:home-page

On the left side of the screen click on the “Draft” you will see an application “181 (form of registration filed voluntarily)”.

Click on the application and the edit-button and delete-button buttons will be activated;finding-application-2 click on “EDIT” Button and a window will appear showing your personal information in the personal tab.


personal-tabCarefully check the information, if its written correct then proceed to the next step otherwise consult with your lawyer or FBR’s NTN cell if you see incorrect information.


Click on the property tab, you will see this screen:property-tab-empty

Now click on the “plus-button” button on the right side of the screen, a box will open:property-address-add

Fill all the required information and click OK to save the information in the property tab. you will see a screen like this:property-addedCheck mark the box “tick-mark” at the right side of the address bar to make it residence address.


  • If you have more than one address, repeat the same process to add.
  • Residence/Head office is necessary to mark otherwise your application will not be submitted.
  • Write “100%” in shared field if you are owner of the property, in case of rent, write “1%” in share field.
  • If the premises on the rent please choose “Benami/lessee/tenant/franchise/occupant” in capacity field two new fields will be appeared on the box, shown below:in-case-of-rent
  • Write your landlord’s CNIC in related field and click on the search button to search, system will get information and show you the name of landlord.

BUSINESS TABbusiness-tab-emptyIf you own a business, enter your business by clicking the plus-button  button on the right side, a box will open.adding-business

Write your business name select the capacity as owner and acquisition date as current date. Now click the plus-button  button on the below panel, a business activity box will openbusiness-activity

Now click on the search-buttonbutton to search and add your desired business activity.Now click ok to save the information. your business will be added in the Business Tab ,business-added-shortNow click on the plus-button  button on the right side of the Business bar to give a address link to your business, a box will open linking-propertyshowing you one or more addresses, Check mark to choose the desired address you want to give your business.After linking the business address click on the business name to verify if the address is added,Shown below:showing-linked-business-address


  • One activity must be marked as principle activity
  • You can choose more than one activity that applies on your business nature but you can only choose one activity as principle.
  • If you have planned to get registered in sales tax in the nearest future then tick marks the st-mark(ST) sales tax in all activities.
  • You can add 10 businesses on a NTN
  • You can add more than one address to a business

LINK TABlink-tabIf you are an employee of a company/organization or have links with other persons then you must give a link to your employer or persons. To add your employer(s) please click on the plus-button button on the right side of the Tab, a “Link Persons” box will open.link-personsadding-employer






Select the capacity that better describe your link with the person or company .Now click on the search-button to search the person or company by entering NTN No or Name. System will show you the matched results.searching-employer-short
Select the exact person/company. Now write the shares percentage , choose the start date and click ok button to save the information.


  • You cannot add one person or company more than once

ATTACHMENT TABattachment-tabTo attach the documents with your application please click on the “plus-button” button a box will open.documents-attachmentNow click on the “search-button” button to search the document description and select.Now click on the “Choose File” to choose the relevant scanned document file from your computer and click ok to save.


Check all the information again and submit the form.


If you have any further queries,Please comment.



29 thoughts on “NTN registration in Pakistan

  1. i can register bussiness ntn no .. but didnt know the process of ntn registration of salaried person .. can you help me out. cell no ****9856161 and email is safdarsana****@gmail.com. plz help me out


    1. NTN registration process is almost same for salaried person. Just you don’t need to fill out any thing in Business tab. Write your residential address in PROPERTY TAB, give a link to your employer in LINK TAB and attach the relevant documents and submit the form.


  2. Hi
    My 1st question to you is that can I apply for NTN of Filer without the lawyer?
    2nd Question is what has to be written in Property Tab in Unit.No?
    3rd Question is that if I’m not the owner but write myself there a owner of that property where is business activity,is there any problem?
    4th Question if that if I own a business of wholesale or commission agent I will go for Income tax NTN or Sales tax NTN?

    Thanks in advance.



    1. Hello,
      1. you can apply for NTN without a lawyer, follow the steps in the post for your ease.
      2. Write your house no in Unit no ,just write the address as mentioned on your CNIC.
      3.if you are not owner of the property than select “Benami/lessee/tenant/franchise/occupant” that way it can be clarify you position.
      4.if you are a business owner no matters local or international, you must get registered in Income tax and Sales tax to run it properly in legal way.


  3. Thanks Raza bhai for such being kind. Some more question I would like to ask from you,some questions might be silly but for clear vision I would ask :)..

    1-That the Property tab is for the house detail we live in or the business activity place detail? & it is for Business activity place & if the place is commercial than I will go for the commercial property one? right?

    2-secondly you told that if you have more than 1 address repeat the same process to add, so my question is that you are talking about 2 different addresses on the CNIC? or Address on CNiC is different from the address on the Current bill where I residing? & if both addresses does not match than I will have to add more address?right?

    3-If I go for the rent residence & system asks for the Cnic# of the owner & if in any case I don’t have the Cnic# of the owner than what to do there?

    4-In the Business Tab by proceeding to the Business activity section what to be written in Division, Group, Class & in a Start Date or all will be filled automatically by the system or there are options to be selected?

    I would like to hear from you soon bro.
    May Allah always Blessed you for this help. 🙂 Ameen..



    1. Kami Umeed hai ap behtar samaj paen gay Urdu me. or wo sb b jinka same question hai.

      1. Property tab address add karnay k liay hai jo apki residence ya business k related hen. ap agar salaried hen to ap sirf apna residential likhen gay .or agar apka koi business ya businesses hen or unkay addresses b hen to ap wo sb b likhen gay ta k Business tab me jab ap business add Karen to unko address link day saken. Property add kartay waqat property ki jo asal type hai wo hi select Karen. Agar property Commerical hai to ap commercial hi select Karen gay.

      2. More than one address say mera matlab ye tha k agar ap ka aik say zyada business hen ya aik business ki 1 say zyada branches hen to unkay address add karnay k liay same process hai. ab missal k tor par apka ik business ABC ik city XYZ me hai or 10 cities me uski branches hen to ap uska address XYZ to nahi likhen gay. So apko har city ka address add karna paray ga. Or is say koi faraq nai parta ka CNIC ka address apkay current address say mukhtalif hai. ap ko hamesha apna Permanent address hi residential address likhna chahiay.business k liay ap new address add kar len jis par ap abi reh rahay hen.

      3. Agar rent pay reh rahay hen to landlord ka CNIC to hona chahiay or usay add b karen. Legally tor par to apka rent agreement b hona chahiay. agar nai hai to phir na likhen.par ye legal nai hai or ap hud zimadar hen.

      4. Activity me ap bas business k related activity select Karen system hud hi division, group or class separate kar lay ga. Start date apko manual deni hogi jab say business ya business ki activity shuru ki ho.


  4. Few Questions more bhai.

    1- There is no option to be filled concerning the income or annual income return/ratio? Than how would the system do it all?

    2-What amount to be put there for annual income for going for 1st time Filer or getting NTN#? & what amount for the 2nd time?

    3-How would I get all the documents in hard copy which are usually submitted in the banks to avoid the w.h tax on transfer & withdraw?

    Kindly answer all these questions as well.
    Stay Blessed.



    1. Apkay question No 1 or 2 k liay, ap NTN number k liay filing kar rahay ho na k income tax return jama karwa rahay ho. NTN number honay ka matblab hai k ap Government k Idaray k through registered person ho apnay tax related matter ko deal karnay k liay.or NTN number apki identity hota hai k ap ik Pakistani taxpayer ho. jis tarha CNIC apki identity hai k ap pakistani citizen ho. so NTN hasil karnay k bad ap return file kar saktay hen or us me hi apni income declare karen.

    2. 3. hard or soft copy ab bas apko “completed tasks” me say application submit karnay k bad jo milay gi wohi hai. Print len or usay hi use karen gay ap.
    3. Like

      1. National Tax Number (NTN) Issued by Federal Board Of Revenue, It is legal permit of business so that the FBR can easily measure the National Income, Revenue , Expenditure, Personal Assets , Liabilities and any person how has the salary 400000 or more then he is legally bound to get NTN and pay his tax on salary and which person how pay his taxes and file his income tax return and become filer he can enjoy the benefits of filer e.g in Bank, Registration of Property, Registration of Vehicles any many more places

        Liked by 1 person

  5. any person how has tow business and operate as individually means he is proprietor of tow business so I would like to suggest that please not select any business activity for sales tax because once you select any business activity for sales tax it can be problematical which i can’t explain at this stage

    Liked by 2 people

  6. i heard that NTN number is only issued to you when you when you file return at least once with the FBR. is it true or NTN is issued to you after completing the registration as you explained?
    Thanx in Advance.


  7. Raza Bhai ap nay kaha Business Tab main Acquisition date main current date daal dain. current date mtlb jis din ap ye application submit ker rhy hain,..?? iska kia logic hai… or dusra ye k is ka start date k sath koi link hai… i mean acquisition date and start date ka koi sequence to ni rkhna prta…. ya koi b pahly ya bad main aa skti hai…???


    1. @Rashid,
      Start date tab ki likhen jab say koi “activity” shuru ki ho. or acquisition date ko current hi likhen to behtar hai, amoman zyada tar log new registrations apply kartay hen.


  8. hi
    i just want to know that if am living with my parents and that property belongs to my father what should i mention on Property Tab Owner/Tenant etc & Share % ?
    Moreover is it necessary for salaried person to attach the utility bill of house ? which is on the name of father .?


    1. If the property is on the father’s name then choose owner & just write 1% share because you are legally heir of your father but as you said the property is on father’s name which means you have not been given any shares yet so just write 1% because you can’t write 0%.
      Yes its necessary to attach the utility bill of the premises you are living right now. Doesn’t matter if its on your father’s name or others.


    1. If your father have given you 25% share from property and any document exist then you can write 25% share otherwise just write 1% and don’t be confused.


  9. Assalama Alaikum Raza ! mene first time form fill kia he or isme link tab me link person me fill smjh nhi ara me apna business reg krana charao to me usme kisko link krun ? mera phle koi ntn nhi bna hua ! phle me simple ntn bnao or phr usko link krun link tab me business wale ?


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